Pleasant Burn Sauce Company was founded in 2012 by Corey Eshelman.  Mark Waters joined the company in 2015. We are a small start up company based in Durham, NC. The idea of making sauce was born out of the need for better flavors for our annual oyster roasts.  We wanted to make savory sauces that could be enjoyed by everyone. So began the search for the perfect blend!  Many types of sauces were conjured and produced, and a few that were deemed worthy were reproduced and refined.  Soon, people were asking where to find the sauce for purchase!  The OG and Citrus Reaper became our first production sauces and so it all began.


All of the peppers and most ingredients for our sauces are sourced from our personal gardens. We pride ourselves on producing our sauces from start to finish by hand.  We strive to use only the most fresh and highest quality ingredients.  Making the sauce in small batches insures consistency and quality.   


The OG is a vinegar based hot sauce made from a blend of Carolina Reaper, Habanero, and Tabasco peppers.  The heat is medium and it is a great sauce for any reason!  Perfect for flavoring dishes, wings, barbecue, or as a topper. A very versatile sauce that anyone will enjoy!


The CR is a combo sweet and hot sauce with a nice reaper kick.  The heat comes from a pepper blend is Habanero and Carolina Reaper.  The sweet comes from fresh squeezed citrus juice with a touch of honey.  This sauce is great as a topper for almost anything and the citrus makes it perfect for seafood!

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